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metastupid's Journal

But who will watch the watchers?
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The Back Story:

When stupid_free was originally created, it was brilliant, and small. They mocked the furries, they mocked the childfree—but not for being furries, or for being childfree—they mocked them because, in certain cases, they were stupid. They mocked everyone, equally, without fear of what would happen. lord_snot and sayonara_snot were benevolent mods, and all was right in the world.

But oh, it could not last for long.

Stupid invaded stupid_free. Stupid came in droves. Soon, it went from being an adorable little snark community to an overgrown wank-beast, filled with drama llamas and more stupid than you could shake a stick at. Meta posts, troll posts, and lame snarks abounded. It looked as though there was no hope for stupid_free. The Snots tried—oh, they tried, and they did some good—but all in vain.

Stupid had overrun stupid_free.

Where We Come In:

This is the community for anyone that has lurked in stupid_free, only to despair at the in-house wanking. This is the group for anyone that privately wondered what happened to actual stupid being posted.

This is not the group to join if you hate stupid_free. We do not hate stupid_free. We are not here to troll. Nor are we here to be malicious. stupid_free can be entertaining, at times—and not just for the train wreck factor.

We are here to point out the stupid entries and comments made on stupid_free and any spinoff communities (sf_drama). We are not here to troll; nor do we plan to.

The Rules

1. Thou shall not troll. If you are caught trolling, you will be banned. Commenting in private journals to tell someone they're stupid makes you look like an idiot. Don't do it.
2. Thou shall not mock content outside of stupid_free/sf_drama. This includes digging through anyone's user info to mock them. Who cares if they have a collection of My Little Ponies? We're here to mock the stupid things they may have said in the community.
3. Thou shall not link the mocked to the posts in here. It's in bad form. Doing it once gets you a warning; twice gets you banned. Politely disagreeing with them is fine, as long as you don't mention where their comments were linked from, and you keep it polite.
4. Thou shall mock thy mods, if thy mods are being twits. This includes posts both in the community (posting snarks of what was said, as long as it's more than, "You mod this place, you're a moron!"), and in here. Both are fair game. The same goes for any members—being a member here does not prevent you from being snarked here.
5. Thou shall keep thy snarking in the community. If you have a problem with another poster, do not drag it to sf_drama as 'grudgewank'.PM kickthehobbit with the relevant links, and your lovely maintainer will deal with it. Even if that does just mean giving you the go-ahead to post it to sf_drama. In the event that kickthehobbit is unable to be reached, contact lysimachia. One of us will take care of the problem. DO NOT RESORT TO USING PERSONAL ATTACKS. For fuck's sake, people, we're all adults here! If you want to call someone's viewpoint stupid, or tell them they were being stupid in a post, go for it. But don't resort to, "Well, I don't agree for you, therefore you must be an asshat." Two warnings and you will be banned.
6. Unlike stupid_free/sf_drama, you ARE allowed to delete your entries/comments. Do be warned, though, that while you are allowed to delete them, should you delete to cover that you were being an asshat, your fellow members are also welcome to post screenshots mocking you.
7. Tagging is open. You are allowed to create and remove tags. HOWEVER. Fucking with the tags will get you a banning. "Fucking with the tags", in this case, means removing tags of your name (if you've been featured), or flooding posts with every available tag. Don't do it, mmkay? Making tags saying that your mods are douchebags is fine; adding enough tags to constitute a tagocalpyse is not.

Finally, entries are friends-locked to discourage trolling, though membership is open. The banstick may be wielded at any time.

Have fun, kids!